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Empowering your people to power your business

The way we do business today has changed at an unprecedented scale, and new technologies and changing behaviours mean that it continues to do so.

But not only that, employees too are changing, expecting not only to be paid fairly, timely and accurately for what they do, and also demanding new, more flexible ways of working, with access to the technologies that help them do a better job, along with a working environment that supports their growth.

people in place, in the right jobs, in an environment in which they can thrive and perform to the bestof their ability. Businesses need to provide that environment and continue to be ready to adapt as people and business needs continue to change.

With business productivity linked strongly to employee satisfaction, a leading factor for the long- term success of an organisation is having the right.

Sage People delivers a better way to manage the employment journey from joining to leavingfor midsize enterprises, providing core HR, payroll, talent acquisition, talent management and HR planning.


Run your HR operations fast by managing and accelerating all aspects of workforce management.


Simplifiles every part of workforce management-anywhere, at any time.


Flexible to adapt to your reguirements and scale as your company grows.

Improving every part of your workforce management



Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Planning HR

Reporting and Analytics

Flexible Integration

Secure Cloud Platform

Simplify and streamline core HR operations and processes

Store and analyse personal and work details including qualifications, skillsets and mandatory training compliance.

Gain 360-degree view of the global workforce with insightful trends analysis.

Keep historical records of salary, bonus, commissions, stock options and benefits.

Easily manage your global workforce with flexible absence and attendance management and reporting.

Provide instant team visibility with intuitive people search, dynamic project planning and auditable workflows.

Empower employees to manage and update their information.

Optimise compensation planning with flexible models and explore what-if scenarios.

Simplify the process with single button initiation to trigger notifications exit interviews and post- employment benefits.

Manage your payroll with security, scalability, flexibility and ease

Gain complete control over the payroll process to deliver accurate and timely payments including reimbursements, accruals and advances.

Easily connects with existing financial solutions to effectively manage cost center account.

Accommodates multi-company and multi- currency requirements to grow as your business grows.

Quickly navigate local laws and restrictions to ensure compliance with local tax rules and regulations.

Provides complete array of reports, including pre- and post-check, and the ability to customize reports.

Attract, hire and onboard the right talent for your business

Sync your hiring plans with real-time organisation visibility, projection analysis, what-if modeling and comprehensive reporting.

Enable rigorous selection through resume parsing, manage applicant details, apply and book interviews, schedule aptitude testing and checking references.

Gain full visibility of talent pool and leverage multi-channel sourcing, social recruitment,
job board posting, Google search and post code radius searches.

Seamlessly recruit, advance candidates and select while keeping hiring managers up to date with alerts.

Create the right first impression with automated workflows to inform departments of new hires and provide relevant information.

Maximise the performance of your workforce with enhanced insights

Identify, manage, develop and retain key people leveraging a full-featured talent management toolset.

Provide instant colleague recognition, outside of annual or formal periodic reviews, that is linked to the job profile.

Support a wide range of frameworks, from simple real-time feedback and instant recognition to formal goal-setting and performance reviews.

Categorise skills, competency and training needs to build teams through skills matching or enhance career development.

Prepare your business for the future with a range of planning tools

Create secure and multiple organisational models based on real-time business needs and what-if scenarios.

Plan for possible successors, level of readiness and supporting development plan requirements.

Reduce the time and complexity of compensation planning using external data for comparative purposes, or let the system make recommendations for you.

Map the career journey from resourcing to selection, management and succession, factoring in career and development guidance.

All in one modern HCM solution

Reporting and Analytics

Gain powerful insights and instant workforce visibility with dashboards and analytics that are rich, real-time and easily customisable.

Flexible Integration

Connect quickly and easily to third party app, using file trans- fers, programmable interfaces, synchronisation and embedded or linked functionality.

Secure Cloud Platform

Get unmatched reliability, secu- rity, privacy and availability with the Salesforce App Cloud, the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform.