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Software Akuntansi #1 di Indonesia untuk makin majukan & permudah bisnis anda.

"Pembuatan Jurnal Akuntansi, pembuatan Laporan Keuangan, Rasio, hingga manajemen Kas dan Invoice selesai dengan sangat baik."

Modul - modul Sleekr Accounting

Cash & Bank Management
busines diagram
Busines Diagram
Bank Reconciliation
Sales & Module invoice
Fixed Asset & Depreciation
Purchase Module & PO
Inventory Management
Financial Report
Tax Integration & POS

Software Akuntansi Andalan Usaha Kecil dan Menengah.

Pantau dan kendalikan bisnis secara mudah dan real-time.

Pencatatan transaksi dan invoice

Kemudahan untuk pencatatan transaksi mulai dari penawaran hingga invoice yang sesuai sales order. Pantau status invoice dan Account Receivables (Piutang) usaha Anda langsung dari dashboard bisnis.

Kelola persediaan dan gudang

Kelola persediaan dengan mudah, akurat, dan real-time. Sleekr memungkinkan Anda mengelola beberapa gudang sekaligus, transfer barang antar gudang, hingga stock-opname dan hitung depresiasi aset

Dashboard dan laporan keuangan

Kelola persediaan dengan mudah, akurat, dan real-time. Sleekr memungkinkan Anda mengelola beberapa gudang sekaligus, transfer barang antar gudang, hingga stock-opname dan hitung depresiasi aset

Rekonsiliasi bank

Rekonsiliasi transaksi di pencatatan Anda dengan transaksi di bank. Sleekr akan otomatis mencocokkan transaksi dan mengurangi waktu Anda melakukan rekonsiliasi rekening bank hingga 70% waktu biasanya.

Sleekr Accounting - Enterprise

Rp 395.000/bulan untuk 6 user

(Rp 65.833/user per bulan)

Basic Features
Prepaid Revenue
Journal Unlimited
Quotation Unlimited
Sales Order Unlimited
Sales Invoice Unlimited
Purchase Invoice Unlimited
Purchase Order Unlimited
Contact (Customers, Supplier, Employee) Unlimited
Gudang 4
Item Unlimited
Users 6
Withholding Tax (Pph 23, Pph 25, & Other)
Klasifikasi (Project Costing)
Fixed Asset
Multi Currency
Bank Reconciliation Import + Feeds
Delivery Order
Live Chat Support

"Miliki Software Accounting #1 Indonesia tanpa investasi awal dan kontrak minimum"

Form Pendaftaran Partner

The Sage 300 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of most sophisticated and feasible accounting software for small businesses. Designed for small business organisations and medium-sized enterprises, our system boasts one of the best accounting software in the country. Sage ERP system helps you in augmenting the efficiency of your organisation, with end-to-end solutions, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which integrates with Sage 300 ERP.

Sage 300 ERP system helps you implement the modules required, thereby creating a perfect fit for your business. Thus, you can develop and upgrade your system over time, adding more Sage 300 ERP modules. Our software offers major benefits such as speed and precision, in addition to the capability to view the real-time state of the company’s financial position. With our computerised accounting programs, we can provide instant reports for the management. Our SME accounting software has the flexibility to meet your accounting challenges. Read further to learn more about Sage 300 ERP values.


Sage 300 ERP Values
Customised to Your needs
We can tailor our Sage 300 ERP to your business needs with our modular structure and customisable screens and fields.

Our secure system ensures that the database rules are enforced to prevent corruption and facilitate integrity. Strong data types and server-based referential integrity ensure that the data is accurate and free of errors.

Guaranteed Efficiency
Our consistent graphic interface facilitates easy data entry and reporting. Besides, Sage 300 has flexible deployment options, making it easier for you to work in web, desktop or both.

With our Sage 300, there is no scope for errors, as only one accounting entry is required for each transaction when compared to the manual system.

Integration with CRM
Sage 300 ERP integrates with an array of end-to-end solutions, including the CRM system. Thus, it augments the productivity of your business.

Our SME software for accounting comprises three Sage 300 ERP editions, which ensure seamless integration, freedom of choice, top performance and reliable accounting software through which businesses seek to increase profits and gain competitive advantage. The three editions comprise:

Sage 300 Premium ERP (Multi-user Concurrent) 
This is the comprehensive business management solution for mid-sized businesses

Sage 300 Advanced ERP (Maximum 20 users Concurrent)
This version is robust and a modular SME accounting software for business management

Sage 300 Standard ERP (Maximum 10 users concurrent)
This is a comprehensive operations and accounting software for small business organisations. This version is ideal for newly established companies.

Sage 300 ERP modules: Flexible and Effective
Our ERP modules are functional, efficient and flexible. Read on for the list of Sage 300 ERP segments and the modules under them.


Sage 300 ERP modules: Flexible and Effective
Our ERP modules are functional, efficient and flexible. Read on for the list of Sage 300 ERP segments and the modules under them.